#15 – Reality Bites!

Dear Aimee, I think all of these reality shows and teen dramas have such a negative impact on our youth.  What do you see as the impact of reality shows on our youth today, and what can we do to help our teens through it? Reality Bites – Cordell, OK Dear Reader, I’m not sure…Read more »

My Guilty Pleasure

This is the area of my blog dedicated to my guilty pleasure.  The only thing that can cause me to neglect my duties as a doting wife and attentive mother…BOOKS!  This is the page for The Real Book Club.  This would allude to the fact that there is a UN-Real book club…maybe a UN-book club.  But that…Read more »

Running with the Big Dogs!

Image via Wikipedia One of the questions that was offered as a writing topic was “What is it like to be approached by a big dog while running?”  I was pondering whether to answer this question literally or metaphorically.  I have decided on the latter.  A little back history, on a recent run through the neighborhood, I…Read more »

Because I love you all…

Image via Wikipedia A couple of weeks ago I asked for a few fresh topics for my column.  Well you guys came through and now I have a plethora of ideas.  I am very much an includer, and don’t like leaving anyone out.  So, in honor of your efforts to help me, I am hereby taking…Read more »

#13 – Viva Motherhood!

Dear Aimee, I am a stay-at-home mom and feeling a little under appreciated lately.  I know everyone says how important a mother’s job is, but I don’t always feel so important.  People always ask what I want to do with my life.  I thought I was doing it. It’s hard to not feel like I…Read more »