S-I-G-H and other Exhaling Sounds.

It feels good to share. It’s like exhaling after holding my breath for months. I mentioned in stories that I’m going to express some insights from my more recent struggles, but if you’re expecting some yummy tea spillage, that’s going to require a face to face over a real cup of Darjeeling. And honestly, the […]

There Is More…

If you’ve been watching, you know we have handed off our post as lead pastors at The Edge, the church we founded and nurtured for the past 8 years. We always knew this day was coming from the moment we decided to start a church. We knew our job was to clear the path, and […]

The Renovation Station

After discovering the casket and the heads in the basement last night, I had to do a quick run through the house when I arrived. Carefully going through every room and closet before feeling ok with being alone in the manor house. Today’s goal was scraping the popcorn off the ceilings in the master bedroom […]