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Well, folks.  I am  beginning to think that this Twitter thing is really going to take off. Okay, maybe I am the last person in the universe to realize the magic of Twitter.  I have had a Twitter account for a year or so, but JUST NOW started using it.  I don’t think I fully understood its purpose in the beginning.  I have an acitve Facebook account and thought that adding Twitter would just make all my friends get my message twice, in a Twitter and on the Newsfeed…which would be like my son getting a ham, bacon, cucumber, pickle sandwich at Subway…redundant.  BUT,  this Twitter place is amazing!  As a stay at home mom and writer, I finally have co-workers! People that I have never met face-to-face, and probably never will, are quickly becoming some of my greatest friends and mentors!  As my guru to all things that I-never-wanted-to-take-the-time-to-learn-because-it-would-require-that-I-read-a-non-fiction-bookBrian Altenhofel, said, “Facebook is the  water cooler with those you know, and Twitter is the cocktail party with those you don’t.” I am mingling with other writers, publishers, literary agents, and so many people with the same interests…A-mazing!  The only sad part to all of this is that my darling husband has been telling me for months, “Aimee, you NEED to twitter!”  So here it is, and if my blogging site would allow for smaller font, I would insert it now.  Honey, you were right!  Thanking God for Twitter today! (Oh, and in case you are new to Twitter too,  you follow my tweets by clicking the litte T at the top of my blog.)

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