Because I love you all…

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A couple of weeks ago I asked for a few fresh topics for my column.  Well you guys came through and now I have a plethora of ideas.  I am very much an includer, and don’t like leaving anyone out.  So, in honor of your efforts to help me, I am hereby taking an oath to write a post about every single suggestion.  Yes, that even includes the ones from the men who are still boys on the playground.   This will be a challenge to see how I can fit the question “Why can’t you eat yellow snow?”  into something deep and meaningful.  Perhaps I should shoot for just entertaining.  I think I can pull that off.  I will reserve a couple of posts for my newspaper column so those topics may take a week or three to trickle down the pipe.  However, the others will  be posted more often.  Thank you for the feedback, the sharing love, and the encouragement.  I will do my best to keep offering something to make you smile…or cry…or laugh…or just leave you with a deep and life-changing feeling of absolute indifference.  The topics will be as follows (no particular order):

What it’s Like to be Cornered by a Big Dog While Walking or Attempting to Become a Runner

What I Think About the Mayans Prediction of the End of the World

The Impact of Reality Shows on Our Youth Today

Women Pro Football Fans

The Adventure of Raising Boys

Why Does…ahem…Poop Stink and Why Can’t You Eat Yellow Snow? (I predict a high viewing day here)

Why Do Men Have to Take Out the Trash If Women Want Equality?

How Much E coli Are Those Geese in Our Neighborhood Leaving Behind?

What is the Gracious Way to Handle a Major Social Faux Pas?

Helmets…Should You Have to Wear Them?

Personal Space…Respect It!

Cell Phone Over-Usage in Public (Ouch…this one may hurt a little)

How to Approach a Pregnant Woman (very carefully)

New Years Resolutions – How’s That Working Out for You?

6 thoughts on “Because I love you all…

  1. You have your work cut out for you on some of those topics(the ones by the boys). I look forward to reading all of them.

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