Launch, Donuts, and Faith…These Are a Few of My Favorite Things.

This post is regarding our upcoming church launch on Sept.8th, 2013 in Clinton at The Frisco Center . . .! Click HERE if you want to join the Launch Team.

YES! OUR GOD IS, ALL HE SAYS, ALL HE SAYS HE IS! Do you believe that? I know without a doubt every member of our launch team is nodding their heads in agreement right now. We have seen things I don’t believe everyone gets to see. Not because we are innately special, but because God called us and we were willing. Anytime you have that combination in place, you are going to see something incredible…something miraculous.

As we wait and anticipate September 8th, a day written in God’s history for who knows how long…maybe forever, I hope and pray you are still holding strong to giving up something you love for something you love even more. If you are like me, it’s beginning to get tough. I have to say aloud sometimes, “I love what You love more, God. I love what You love more, God.” as I walk away from the bakery at Homeland. I laugh and make jokes about it, but what we are doing has such serious undertones. It shows God that we are willing to sacrifice. Something people today aren’t too familiar with. I also see it as an offering. God is always with us, but I believe the Spirit of God is going to fall in such a way that is unlike anything this town has ever seen on Sept. 8th, and we are storing up a gift of sacrifice to lay at His feet. Sure, in my case it’s a tower of donuts, cake, cookies, bread, and sugar. That may sound humorous and seem insignificant, but they aren’t there alone. In that pile is also a good amount of time, money, sweat, tears, faith, and hope. All things I’ve given to God knowing that He is who He says He is, and in His hands my offerings become so much more. And even if in the end, all of this was just for one…one lonely lost soul coming to know the same hope and faith that is worth all the Krispy Kreme donuts in the world to me…then it was worth that and ten thousand times more.

We are getting ready to see a miracle, ladies and gents. In spite of our faults, our failures, our pasts, our hang-ups, our sin . . . God is using us for His Glory. This will be one of the things we tell our grand-kids about. This will be one of the things we write about, sing about, talk about, and worship about for years to come, but I pray it’s not the last thing. My prayer is that this is only the beginning of living like we truly believe God is all He says He is, and with faith like that . . . Jesus in Your name . . . we could change the world!

So stay strong, pray like crazy, and sacrifice until it hurts. “For the eyes of the LORD range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to him.” 2 Chronicles 16:9

May God find us and strengthen us.


P.S. Here is the song that inspired me tonight. Brandon and the band do such a great job with it, but this little YouTube video will have to do for now.

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