…and here’s AIMEE! YIKES!

IMG_2425I have let the cat out of the bag, which I am often known for. Speaking of, why is that always a bad thing? Why is keeping a cat in a bag the good side of that metaphor? Anyhow, I have let everyone know that it is I who will be bringing the At The Movies message this weekend at TheEdgeChurch.tv. Why share the secret? Because it’s important for me to lower everyone’s standard before they actually view the message.

I need everyone to know that I am not at all comfortable with preparing and delivering a message to nearly 1,000 people. Had I truly taken in the fact that it would be a crowd that big when I sat down to write it, or when I stood to record it, I probably would have punted it to Randy or Brandon. So I am thankful that God didn’t allow me to let that sink in a couple of months ago. The other thing I need people to realize is this…I am not a preacher. Last weekend, someone said, “Aimee, I hear you will be preaching next week!” I was like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let’s back that vocabulary train up and pick a different verb.” I’m more comfortable with the word rambling or at the most sharing. I write things and send them out into the great big internet world all the time, and it doesn’t bother me one bit, but the thought of making a captive audience endure my thoughts for 30 minutes? Makes me panic a little. So here is what I’m asking. If you are a friend, family member, or a stranger who happens to stalk me on Facebook…just come. Come and say hi. Come and give me a hug. It would be so great if this weekend was about my dear friends showing up and supporting me rather than having to focus on the fact that my face is nearly 14 feet HUGE three times over in the auditorium. You’ve followed the posts, you’ve watched the church grow, you’ve witnessed God moving in a new and awe-inspiring way…and maybe you’ve been waiting for the right Sunday to drop in. This is it! It would mean so much to have friends and family from near and far there when God takes me to my own personal edge and nudges me over. Will it be life-changing? Only in God’s hands, but I’m simply shooting for mildly entertaining. So take a Sunday drive out to The Edge. I’m asking, inviting, shamelessly begging, and it would mean the world to see some of your cyber faces in real life. We can take some selfies, hashtag #IRL, and make it a friendly faces reunion. Come and say hello, and sit captive for a few minutes while I share with you how God, fantasy, reality, and fiction sometimes intersect in such a magical and beautiful way.  Have a great week and see you AT THE MOVIES! 🙂


@ The Frisco Center 101 S. 4th Street Clinton, OK



3 thoughts on “…and here’s AIMEE! YIKES!

  1. Aimee, I just loved hearing you on “frozen”. You came across so well. The kindness and sparkle in your eyes whenever I see you and we have a chance to exchange a few words really makes my day! Thank you for being you! See you Sunday!

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