A little bit about love…

Staying with the theme of, Born of Pain, because I just got an indoor bicycle and if you haven’t been on a bike every day in your adult life, there is an adjustment period. I do not remember my tail hurting this badly when I was pumping the pedals on my pink Huffy. Although it may have had one of those cushy banana seats. Maybe I should put one of those on my Peloton. They actually tell you that if you stick it out through the pain for about 4 weeks, then all will be well. Voila! No more sore sit bones. Don’t you wish that was true in all areas of life? Marriage, family, work, friendships, hardships, etc. When it hurts, just stick it out and soon you’ll be used to it? What would that world be like? I assume it would mean we wouldn’t care about others feelings for too long. We also wouldn’t have to learn fun things like patience or self-control, because in the end everyone gets over it. But that’s not life. That’s not love. In truth we put our hearts on the firing squad everyday and often an arrow hits its mark and we bleed pain. So why do it? Why keep coming back for more? Why don’t we insulate, isolate, and consolidate until we are near bulletproof. This morning I read a lovely story from a book called The Forgotten Way about a girl who rescues a little spider from a stream day after day. And day after day, the spider bites her as she lifts him from his peril. One day the spider speaks and asks, “Why do you save me, knowing that I am a spider and biting you is what I do?” She set it down and smiled. “Because I am the daughter of my Father, who is love, and this is what I do.” Who are you? Who am I? I’m the daughter of The Father and He is love. I’m not trying to be love. Love is in me and it’s what I do, even if it hurts now and then. It’s what I do.



We love because he first loved us. 1 John 4:19”

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