The Versatile Blogger Award!!!

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There is no greater feeling than when you find a group of people who accept you with open arms, affirm your deepest passions, and then also offer you an AWARD!  Thus far, I have found the writing community to be filled with such lovely people.  Confident individuals who are not threatened by a newcomer, but actually take time to appreciate one another’s talent. I was awarded The Versatile Blogger Award by my friend Regina Jennings ( last week.  As with every prestigious honor…there are corresponding responsibilities.  I will do my best as a Versatile Blogger honoree to continue to produce quality rants and ramblings.  In the event that I am unable to fulfill my duties as Miss Versatile Blogger…those listed below will be relied on to continue to carry the blogging torch.  Back to the serious side, I am so grateful for the support of such an up and coming author.  Regina Jennings is living the dream and for her to nod to my humble offerings is just beyond.  Thank you.  Now on to the requirements.

1. List 7 things people may not know about you.

Wow…only 7?  Here they are in no particular order, but just how they matriculate from my random little mind.

1. I haven’t worked for anyone but my husband in 15 years.  This may seem like a good thing, and it is…for all the employers out there.  I really had quite the resume by the time I was 20.  Office assistant, hostess, pie maker, waitress, pharmacy tech, childcare worker…all in about 2 years.  I’m not exactly proud of my extensive resume, but you know creative minds just can’t be put in a box…or an office, or a restaurant, or a pharmacy, or a daycare…;-)

2.  I won’t make these all as long as number 1.  I am absolutely in love with chocolate iced doughnuts.  Some of my fondest memories are moments when someone surprised me with a chocolate iced doughnut.  Mmmmm.

3.  I could not downgrade our Dish Network to the Top 100 channels because I would have to give up the Turner Classic Movie channel.  I LOVE old movies.  The women had such class and they all spoke like they might also be fluent in French.   I may have to make a page on my blog dedicated to all my favorite old movies.

4.  Many of you may already know this…but some may not.  I have always been terrible about being late.  My most epic chronologically challenged moment was at my own highschool graduation.  I fell into the procession line just as they were entering the event hall, another 30 seconds and I would have been locked out.  Horrible moment of panic, but that was 15 years ago and I’m still often late so I guess it must not have been so horrible huh?

5.  I have won a bowling trophy and a trap shooting trophy, both of which will probably never happen again.  But I have and will continue to claim all bragging rights.  The bowling trophy has a funny history attached to it that goes all the way back to my first date when I was 16…but that’s another blog!

6.  I have a secret addiction to fantasy fiction.   I may regret sharing this one.  I can’t help it…make believe is a fascinating world.   Give me a parallel universe, talking animals, magical forests, and throw in a good fairy/troll/prince love triangle…and I am hooked.

7.  Despite the love for this human world, the imaginary world, and my own little world, I am an absolute believer in Jesus Christ…the very real and very alive Savior of this world.  I give him my meager life and He gives me purpose.  I am definitely getting the best of that bargain.  But don’t look to me for who He is…no matter my effort, I will disappoint you and at times you will find me hypocritical.  I would never ask anyone to attend the First Church of Aimee Jones…that would be a horrible place where nothing ever starts on time.  I’m not sharing to be pious, I share because if I really do believe it’s true…how can I not?   I hope you would be more offended if I kept a world-saving, freedom enabling, purpose giving, eternity ensuring truth…all to myself.  So please just be flattered that I care enough to end this Versatile Blogger Award appreciation speech on such a note.  So thank you for reading, it’s my pleasure to bombard your computer and newsfeed with my random life and I promise to continue to be versatile…and blog…blog versatily…versatilitarianily blog…blog with versatilitarianess…etc. 🙂

2. Pass the award on to 7 new bloggers and let them know that they won.

I am going to announce these winners everyday for the next seven days.

1. Lindsay Morris!!!



This family is going through the foreign adoption process and are committed in such an inspiring way.  Not only are they pursuing their own family completion through adoption, but they are always offering and soliciting support for their fellow adoption families.  Not to mention the AMAZING products Lindsay has produced to raise funds through her Etsy store.  She and her family are as genuine as they come and following her blog always makes me smile.

3. Don’t forget to thank the blogger who gave the award to you.

So incredibly thankful that God has caused our paths to cross again, Regina.  You are living the dream and I couldn’t be happier for you.  I have started to realize I might appear a bit stalker-ish to your other FB friends…I am just trying very hard to enjoy your success vicariously. 🙂   Can’t wait to read Sixty Acres and a Bride this coming February…available for pre-order on Amazon now. 😉  Thank you for your acknowledgements!

3 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award!!!

  1. Congratulations, Aimee! You have a real talent for making me smile–and long after I have finished reading your blog. Keep up the good work! :-

  2. You are so welcome, Aimee. It’s great to find kindred spirits and anyone who comes up with lines like – “I would never ask anyone to attend the First Church of Aimee Jones…that would be a horrible place where nothing ever starts on time” – deserves multiple awards, tiaras, and kudos.

    And thanks for the encouragement you send my way via FB and my blog. It’s nice to know someone is listening!

    Best wishes for a successful reign!

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