S-I-G-H and other Exhaling Sounds.

It feels good to share. It’s like exhaling after holding my breath for months. I mentioned in stories that I’m going to express some insights from my more recent struggles, but if you’re expecting some yummy tea spillage, that’s going to require a face to face over a real cup of Darjeeling. And honestly, the […]

My Favorite Dress I Never Wear

Dear Aimee, It’s time for a spring wardrobe overhaul.  Any tips for closet must-haves this season? I would love to pretend that I am the authority on clothing trends, but my season switch consists of changing out darker colored track suits for brighter colored tees and cropped sweatpants.  I do enjoy keeping up with what’s […]

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead: My Juicing Inspiration

One thing I have enjoyed about this column is passing along websites, apps, and great tips I have stumbled across in my days of internet surfing.  My most recent find comes from my husband.  He loves documentaries and even watches them while he works out.  You would find me snoozing on the treadmill with such […]