GCB? Can I Plead the Fifth?

GCB (TV series)
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Well, you all are probably waiting for me to say GCB was either fabulously funny or horribly heretical. Well, it had elements of both. I don’t really feel the need to tell you if I will or won’t watch again, or if I approve or disapprove of the show. The sad thing was that I could absolutely relate with many of the actions and attitudes portrayed. No, not word for word and deed for deed, but haven’t we all experienced women like that? Haven’t we all on occasion been guilty of acting in ways unbecoming of who we really are? Of course, this doesn’t give reason to glamorize or make fun of failed attempts at Christian living, but it does draw attention to the fact that we all have been a little two-faced and given the entertainment industry great content to pull from. Unfortunately.I am hoping that the Christian community doesn’t get out the poster board and markers to start making
Anti-GCB posters.  Not because I am for the show, but because I am tired of our cause being about things we are against instead of the wonderful things we are for. I’ve never heard of someone’s life being changed by being beat over the head with a picket sign.  But I have seen people’s lives become more than they could ever imagine because someone shared a little time, compassion, acceptance, and a lot of God’s love.

It’s not our place to draw lines in the sand for each other on things that aren’t black and white.  Those lines are drawn on our individual hearts by an invisible hand.  For a seasoned Christian to stand around pointing and critiquing where they are and where everyone else should be doesn’t really make the GC life seem to appealing does it?  I would like to see the focus be more about the things we are doing instead of being proud about the things we aren’t doing.

There are times you have to stand your ground, but we also have to trust that the same work God has done in us, He can do in someone else’s life too…without our picket sign.

I hope the next time a friend asks me if I saw the latest tv show, that I could honestly reply, “I have been SO busy(loving on those around me) that I haven’t had much time for extras lately, but tell me about it.”

Look there. No judgement. No picket signs. Just an honest answer and an invitation for deeper conversation. Who knows? It might be the start of a beautiful friendship that lasts an eternity.

His banner is love, I hope I can make that mine too. But if you catch me in a moment of failure, feel free to remind me that I’m being a GCB. I give you permission and I promise to not be mad…for more than a day or two.

Aimee Jones is a small town columnist, blogger, and aspiring novelist writing about surviving and thriving on the Great Plains of Oklahoma. You can receive The Plain Wife posts by email. Simply click the follow button at the bottom of the screen. Thank you for reading! 

3 thoughts on “GCB? Can I Plead the Fifth?

  1. Well spoken! I think it is high time that the Christian church put their picket signs away and rather show people love and goodness instead. It will reach so much further and leave a more profound impressions on an individual’s heart. I remember on the campus of the college I attended at a time, there was a pastor that came and told any student that walked by what they were doing wrong according to God (or rather, this particular preacher’s views of God’s words). All that did was cause more hatred and negative views on the Christian community and even more importantly God.

    I would love to see more Christians share the love that was so mercifully given to us…

  2. I understand your viewpoint, and I am sure many people are furious about Christians being portrayed negatively. However, one thing must not be overlooked, which is the obvious disrespect directed towards God and Jesus Christ. How can Christians be okay with that fact no matter how sinful we all are? God is not a god to be mocked, and this latest attack is not funny at all. If this were done to Allah, or anything other god ABC would have a lot more to contend with. Just look at what occurred when the Quran was burned by our service members as one small example. This action is severely inappropriate at the least!

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