Why I Broke Up with Christian Louboutin

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Dear Aimee,

I feel like the only woman that never gets it right. I see so many other moms, wives, and women that always look cute, their hair is perfect, and their clothes are the latest looks. Will I ever get it right and fit in?

Withering Wallflower – Cordell, Oklahoma

For a couple of years it has been a dream of mine to own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. That may sound materialistic, but we all have our little indulgences. Like a man dreaming of holding the keys to a new red sports car, I longed for my magical red soled shoe moment. After carefully perusing the options, touching the materials, and inspecting each style, I chose a simple Louboutin pump. Waiting for the saleswoman to return, I removed my canvas flats and kicked them under the chair hoping no one would notice how simple and worn they looked. I slipped my foot into the shiny black luxurious heel, and the first thing that struck me wasn’t the elation I anticipated. I didn’t ooh and aah in front of the mirror for hours. Instead, my face contorted, and I let out an, “Ouch!” I couldn’t pry my foot free fast enough. The disillusionment was swift and complete. I left that day in my old slip-ons, savoring the comfort and familiarity of a good worn-in shoe. This isn’t a poor review of the popular designer. Someday I may try again and even endure a little pain for the gain, but the point is that we do this to ourselves in many areas of our lives. We see a brief glimpse of another woman’s shiny exterior, and dream about what it would be like to live in her shoes. When in reality those things we admire would most likely leave us with a twisted frown and running back to our old comfortable worn-in life. My dear friend, you are a unique and unprecedented creation. There has never been and never will be anyone like you, and to spend your time longing to be someone else is really such a waste. Clothes, hair, and shoes can help us look attractive, but the thing that I admire most in a fellow woman is confidence. Smile more, laugh often, look for opportunities to serve that call to your passions, and use your outward appearance to reflect the fun and approachable woman who lives on the inside. You never know when another young lady is watching and wishing to walk a day in your shoes. So be a stellar example of accessories others can wear; confidence, love, ambition, acceptance, and humility. Then others around you will be oohing and ahhing over your inner rock star personality and not paying any attention to your hairstyle or the color of the soles of your shoes.

Aimee Jones is a small town columnist, blogger, and aspiring novelist writing about surviving and thriving on the great plains of middle America.  Click the FOLLOW button at the bottom of the page to receive The Plain Wife posts by email. Happy reading!

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“Real Housewife of My Real Life”_The Cordell Beacon_29 February 2012

6 thoughts on “Why I Broke Up with Christian Louboutin

  1. I knew I liked you for a reason. And this is it. I noticed a sincerity in you that was appealing. It welcomes and makes others feel like being happy. A good friend is one who encourages you to better yourself for your own sake…not encouraging you to gossip or bash others for your own gain. I don’t think I heard a negative thing come out of your mouth when I was around you at the recent conference. Your positive influence definitely rubs off on others around you. At least it did for me!

    1. Best compliments EVER Janelle! Thank you for those incredibly sweet words. I could throw every one of them back at you. The weekend was fabulous and I was always relieved to see your face pop up in the crowd. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship! 😉

  2. Well said, Aimee… I hope I may quote you, giving you the credit, of course, with, “…be a stellar example of accessories others can wear; confidence, love, ambition, acceptance, and humility.”

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