My Guilty Pleasure

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This is the area of my blog dedicated to my guilty pleasure.  The only thing that can cause me to neglect my duties as a doting wife and attentive mother…BOOKS!  This is the page for The Real Book Club.  This would allude to the fact that there is a UN-Real book club…maybe a UN-book club.  But that society deserves a different page all to itself.  This one however is for my kindred spirits, other ladies bound together with me by a love for reading!  You will find all kinds of books here.  Most of them are fiction.  There may be the occasional non-fiction thrown in as a favor, but that type of reading makes me sleepy.  Where on the contrary, the books below are more effective than any 5-hour caffeine in a bottle…sleep, food, and other basics of life are forgotten when I find myself in a good love triangle.  I will list what The Real Book Club has read recently and some of the thoughts on the book.  Then there will be recommendations from past meetings…real and un-real 😉 Enjoy and let me know your favorites!



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