#14 – EXECUTION! My new favorite word.

Dear Aimee,

New Years resolutions, did you make any?  Have you kept them?  Do you believe in them?  Any tips for not giving up?

Dear Reader,

I have received this question from multiple men and women since the turn of the year.  If you know me personally, then you understand the irony in asking me about such things.  Resolutions require self-discipline, and I do believe that if you examined a chart of my DNA structure, you would find that I am missing that particular gene.  However, in the spirit of the new year and wanting to encourage my readers, I did some extensive research on the topic and have come up with a plan that I think will work brilliantly for myself and maybe a few of you as well.  The first part of my resolution plan came from a website called myoneword.org.  The suggestion is in the title of the site, a one-word resolution.  One word that defines who you want to be this year, and one word that will remind you of an area in your life you would like to see growth.  There’s no check list, no measure of success or failure, just the intention to improve consciously in one area of your life this year.  That seems manageable, right?   Their website has numerous inspirational stories and advice that can help you decide what word might be right for you. The second part to the Aimee Jones Resolution Program comes from www.michaelhyatt.com.  Michael has many great books, articles, and blogs about planning your life and achieving your goals.  I liked his thoughts on keeping resolutions.  He suggests that along side whatever you resolve to do, that you also make a list of reasons as to why you chose that particular goal in the first place.  This list becomes your reminder.  When life starts to feel like it is intentionally plotting against your resolution to be more patient, you can look back at your page of inspiration.  For example, my word is going to be execution.  My inspiration page reads like this:  I want to be a woman who executes her duties this year in a timely and complete manner.  I want others to feel confident in trusting me with tasks.  I want my children to see that I am a doer and not a procrastinator.  I want to be more help to my husband by not always operating out of a constant state of running behind. I want to complete my responsibilities in 2012 right away, all the way, and with a joyful heart.  You get the picture.  Then when I start to fall back into my old ways, and think that making such a resolution was a silly idea, I can look back at some very serious and valid reasons as to why I need to stay the course.  I’m excited about my goal of prompt and complete execution.  I have  been entrusted with many responsibilities and they deserve my best. So dear readers, that is the Aimee Jones New Years Resolution plan.  I would love to hear what your goals and expectations are for 2012.  Visit me on Facebook or by email and share with me your new years resolution plan!

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