Love Killed Him…How Romantic!

Image via Wikipedia Dear Aimee Jones, I’m a guy and I don’t get Valentine’s Day.  Why is that day so important?  It’s too much pressure.  Wouldn’t it mean more to get flowers and chocolate out of the blue rather than because the calendar says it’s time? Not Feeling the Love – Elk City, Oklahoma Dear […]

Episode #7 – Thanksgiving: A holiday on holiday?

Dear Aimee, Is it okay to go out-of-town for Thanksgiving rather than getting together with family?  This year my family is going to have a destination Thanksgiving.  It will be less stressful and I’m wanting to make it a new tradition.  I’m getting a lot of complaints from family about it.  Is this a bad […]

Episode #3 – Chanel Aviators…with sparkling lenses:).

Dear Aimee, Today someone criticized the way I am raising my kids.  My kids are good kids and so are theirs, but they are just different.  Why do peoplefeel the need to impose their parenting technique on everyone around them?  ~Judged or Misjudged in Elk City, OK Judged or Misjudged, I’m sure you are familiar […]