Episode #1

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The Real Housewife of Western Oklahoma-October 13, 2011

As a wife and mother of four, who is surviving and thriving as a W.O.C. (West of Oklahoma City) woman, I have learned that we girls out here are often misunderstood.  Recently I had a conversation with a friend from a more metropolitan area.  She sauntered over, gave my outfit an approving nod, and asked “So how do you ever keep up with style and fashion way out here in Oklahoma?” I laughed thinking it was a
joke, but she never cracked a grin.  If it wasn’t for the Botox,
I’m sure she would have been frowning with concern over my couture challenged life.  Unfortunately she is not the only one that thinks we are living out a real life John Wayne flick in these parts.  The prairie woman stereotype is certainly alive and well.  However let me
bear witness today. 
I will swear with my hand on a Bergdorf-Goodman receipt that I know
some of the most up to the minute, fashion slave, trend setting, red
soled shoe clomping, Louis toting, Tory Burch wearing, Chanel lip
stick smearing, and all around absolutely fabulous women right here
in our neck of the woods…err…plains.
But what sets
them apart and makes them of the rarest quality? They are also some
of the most compassionate, loving, sharing, encouraging, and
God-fearing women I have ever met. We are unique, our problems are
unique, and therefore our solutions will be unique.  I am excited to
gather with you all around our little virtual coffee table.  Let’s
put our feet up, let our hair down, laugh, cry, share, and learn all
about how we each survive and thrive in the W.O.C.  All the while
looking pretty fabulous I might add.  So send me your questions and
comments.  My replies are not just dug out of my own shallow pool of
wisdom. But like many of us, I also rely on my dear friends, family,
and Kathie Lee and Hoda to come up with the best possible solutions.
Fashion, family, work, or relationships…we all need to have a
little girl talk and with today’s schedules that’s not always
easy.  This meeting of the No-So-Desperate Housewives is now in
session…let the chatting begin!

 Oh, and if some of the fashion terms in the above italicized phrase are foreign to you…GOOGLE!  After all,
we W.O.C. girls have a reputation to protect!

Now for the commentary.  This was a fun introduction to the what the newspaper column will be like.  In the future episodes, there will be a question from a reader whose name will be kept anonymous.  There is no theme to the questions, or no guidelines.  So email me your questions, or if you are brave and don’t care who knows what you ask, then leave a question in the comments below.  That would be a good way to get many opinions on the topic too!  You’ll see more of what I’m talking about as it goes on.  Thanks for reading!

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