Waiting…for something beautiful.

Cocoon of a Monarch Butterfly. Libya.
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I am listening to the song “Something Beautiful” by Needtobreathe while posting today.  I am exploding with words.  God has brought me just a short way down a never-ending journey, and I am already awe-struck with where He’s taken me.  Let me back track a couple of months.  What I am sharing may seem way too personal for some.  But I have realized that’s what emotional, artistic, and romantic minded people do…share.  Whether it’s a painting, a song, a poem, or a mediocre blog ;), to some people certain things are just too beautiful to keep inside.  Now that I am no longer hindered by an annoying FB status word count…I’m free to expand.  I can’t put it all here in one reading.  That would take too many words and you would inevitably find yourself bored.  So I will start at the beginning and it will meander along as we both have time…me to type and you to read.  Well, to get on with it…Many of you know that I was adopted as a wee babe.  Well just recently I went through the process to find my biological mother and father.  It was a success, and my biological mother and I chat some and it’s been a great experience.  Now flip over from the earthly view…to a spiritual  view.  It has changed me.  As the story of “me” has unfolded,  I have seen all the many ways that God has intervened in my life to bring me here…right here…to this family, to this life, at this computer, on this blog, writing to you.  Our pastor at church and this delightful women’s study I’m a part of has pointed out recently how our natural world is very much also a SUPERnatural one.  Life has and will get the best of me, but the fact that I am where I am today is nothing short of His divine intervention.  Am I special that way?  Not at all.  If someday we all get the opportunity for God to unveil the highlights reel of our lives, and He shows us each and every moment He reached through time and space to protect us and guide us…we will fall down in humble amazement and gratitude.  I have just had the rare and valuable gift of seeing a glimpse of this intervention.  Psalm 121 says, “The Lord will protect you from all harm, He will protect your life.”  Here on Earth, He will watch over us all until our day comes.  Then we, His children, will  pass on into eternity where His protection over our lives, through Christ,  will be made complete.  That doesn’t mean there will be no suffering or no pain today,  but it does mean we can proceed with fearless ambition towards every goal He sets before us.   Despite whatever obstacles the enemy places in our path, whatever negativity the naysayers sling in our direction, whatever situation we find ourselves in…Our Lord will protect us until His work in us is done.  So I have been humbled, I have been encouraged, and now I am writing.  I can’t sit idle anymore.  I won’t waste this amazing existence that He divinely ordained for me.  Why He brought ME here…why ME?  I don’t know.  And the humility of that question demands I get up off my lazy tail and do something with my life, my talents, and my abilities no matter how meager or mediocre.  Am I unique?  Not at all.  If you are alive and reading this, then I can assure you that God has moved Heaven and Earth to keep you safe as well.  Now the question and the challenge is…for what?   I hope that by flaying my heart open for all to take a look, that someone will relate and we can have a supernatural meeting of the souls on our very natural earthly journey.  I am always SO encouraged by hearing others thoughts and experiences.   I don’t have it all figured out…not in the least.  So if you have “something beautiful” going on in your life…please share.  His work is far too inspiring and valuable to keep to yourself.   So that’s the start of the story.  There is SO much more in the works.  Including a piece entitled, “Are You my Father?”  Hahaha…that will be a fun one.  Thanks for reading!

6 thoughts on “Waiting…for something beautiful.

  1. HEY! Girl….

    Just read it!

    Just love it!

    I will make copies and put in the foyer of the church so outhers here can enjoy.


    Frannie & me

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