Good Morning Western OK!…err…Goodnight.

By the time most of you read this it will be morning.  However, it is night now and as many of you can relate…this is the only quiet time in a household of six.  This is my new blog.  I’m terribly excited!  Loving how you can pick themes and such like on that one site we all used to use…what was it called?  Oh yeah…MySpace!  I still have a MySpace.  Unfortunately I have forgotten my password and the email I used way back then is no longer valid.  So somewhere out in cyberspace…Aimee Jones will forever be stuck in 2009.  I think I can retrieve my account by sending in a DNA sample or something, but just haven’t found the time yet. 😉 Well, I am planning on posting my column submissions here weekly.  That way those of you who are out of range of the Daily Elk Citian or the Cordell Beacon can still participate.  Thanks for reading and please talk back.  Otherwise it’s just like when I crawl in bed and pour my heart out to my dear husband only to hear long deep repetitious breathing in response.  He tries, but some days he is the only adult I have had as a captive audience and I’m not sure any man has that much word endurance.  Maybe there should be a male enhancement pill for that! 🙂

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