Words for Sale!

This whole blogging, writing, and column business has been such a plunge into social media marketing 101. I thought I was a savvy woman because of an active Facebook page, but I now know that I am just touching the hem of the exquisiteness that is the fabric of social media.  The fabulous thing is that other more experienced bloggers will use their knowledge on the subject to attract traffic to their pages by sharing all they have learned. This has been the most helpful source of information. Everything from how to drive views, attract followers, and blogging do’s and don’t’s.  I’m learning and it is transforming my business.  Now comes the hard part…my business is me. I’m selling my words. I have always said that I am no salesperson. I have passed on many stay-at-home opportunities, and self start businesses such as Arbonne, Mary Kay, and Scentsy. Love their products and use them regularly, but I am just an awful salesman.  So it’s ironic (actually I think it’s a law) that the one thing you despise the most becomes the only driving force towards your dreams.  Not only am I having to constantly peddle my wares on Facebook and Twitter, but I am polishing up, talking up, and presenting my own words for sale, which takes me severely out of my comfort zone! I share all of this for one reason, and that is to simply say, “I know.”  I know that when I write a post and say “Read Me!” that it seems pretentious, presumptuous, and arrogant.  That has always been my hang up with sales.  I hated presuming that someone needed, could afford, or wanted what I had to offer them. The handy thing about blogs is that they are free. They are only worth the time someone is willing to sit down and read them.  So my dear friend and reader, I may hock my wares on every street corner these days, but please know that it truly comes from a humble and grateful heart. God has created a passion in my being for communicating and I am actually finding out that when you truly believe in a product, that selling it isn’t that difficult. I promise to always try to make it worth your time. Thank you for following the blog.  Thank you for following on Twitter.  Thank you for being my dear sweet Facebook friend, and thank you always for reading my wares!  (In my new-found entrepreneurial spirit…click the link to hear my recent interview on KCLI Newstalk Radio.  It really explains my heart for starting the column and how it all began. Enjoy!)

2 thoughts on “Words for Sale!

  1. I was thinking the other day how hard it must be to put yourself out there and share, but you definitely have talent worth sharing. I have enjoyed reading your fb posts, blog, articles, etc….Thank you for sharing your writings.

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